R E A L R Y D E R ®

The RealRyder ® Indoor Cycle is the only indoor cycle that moves in multiple planes of motion, offering incredible functional benefits! Cycle Station is the only studio in Fort Myers to offer the Real Ryder experience!

Here are some fun RealRyder ® facts:

  • Turn and lean; bike is meant to move with you!
  • Increase core strength and stability
  • Increase upper/lower body strengths
  • Burn 20% more calories
  • Improve Endurance, Speed and Agility
  • Because straight lines are boring!
  • And yes, it’s TRUE! Rihanna used the Real Ryder to get in the best physical shape of her life! “Her trainer, Ary Nuñez, a Nike-sponsored athlete with several black belts parked the pop star—whose figure she describes as “Nicole Kidman meets J.Lo”—on a RealRyder (a spinning bike with handlebars that move laterally) to strengthen her core.” – Vogue