ONLY $59


Upon Arrival

We love eager beavers! For your first time, please arrive 15 minutes early. After checking in, let the instructor know this is your first time so we can get you all set up

Gear + Shoes

  • Any adorable athletic wear will do but form fitting pants or bike shorts will be the best.
  • For guys, padded shorts are the way to go, if you don’t have them, no worries we got you covered with our comfy seat cushions.
  • Tennis shoes/sneakers with a hard sole are recommended.
  • If you’re already an experienced rider and have your own cycling shoes, our bikes are compatible with SPD cleats.

Bike Setup

  • As a new rider, it’s important to let one of our skilled team members properly fit you to your bike. Correct alignment is essential to our style of cycling, the effectiveness of your workout, and your personal safety.
  • After you are fit, our instructor will explain how to manage your resistance, demonstrate how to clip in and out of the pedals our use the cages with sneakers, and run through the basics of our technique.

Post Ride

  • Cool down towels soaked in essential oils are available following every class as well as snacks (protein bars and apples).
  • After select classes we also offer a FREE Core Workout and Upper/Lower Body Pump style workouts!

Make sure you hydrate and come fueled and ready to dominate.
We have cold water bottles for purchase.

Bring a towel, you will need it!